Which Doctor Should You See About Male Infertility?

Man speaking to male urologist-andrologist about male infertility.

What Type of Doctor Should You Consult For Male Infertility?

If you are having symptoms of male infertility, or have tried conceiving unsuccessfully with your partner for more than six months, you should make an appointment to see a urologist who has received specialized training for this condition. Specifically, this type of doctor is known as an andrologist.

Andrologists are fertility specialists who have received additional training specific to the male reproductive system after completing their urology training.

During your introductory consultation with an andrologist, the doctor will collect information about your medical history and order tests as needed. If the cause of your infertility is discovered and treatment is available, he or she will be able to explain the options that you have and help you to make the best possible decision.

However, if treatment is not available, your doctor can also help you explore the possibility of using assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

This article discusses what you can expect during an initial male fertility evaluation with an andrologist.

Preparing For The Initial Consultation

Here are a few recommendations to help you prepare for your initial consultation.

  • It is possible that the doctor may want to conduct a semen analysis on the day of your initial visit. Therefore, refrain from ejaculating for at least 2-5 days beforehand.
  • Be sure to bring your medical records with you, especially pertaining to past surgeries and any medications you may be taking.
  • Bring along the medical records of your wife or partner as well – in particular, any infertility treatments she may have had or is currently receiving.

It is also a good idea to have your wife or partner go along with you to your doctor’s visit. Having a baby takes two and the process is an important one for you both.

Be prepared for a lengthy visit when consulting with a male fertility doctor for the first time. The doctor will begin the process by reviewing your medical history.

He or she may ask about any medical conditions or surgeries you may have had during childhood, or even as an infant. Quite a few men have learned that they had surgery as an infant that they never knew about.

It may prove worthwhile to speak with your parents about any medical procedures you may have had that you are unaware of. Additionally, you might ask your parents about any family history of fertility issues, as these problems can sometimes be inherited.

The doctor will also ask questions concerning any prescription medications you are currently taking or have taken, as well as your current or past use of cigarettes, alcohol, and/or recreational drugs. It is important to let your doctor know if you have taken anabolic steroids or products containing testosterone, either now or in the past, since their use can have a negative impact on fertility.

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