Semenoll Review: Benefits, Ingredients and Side Effects

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What is Semenoll?

Semenoll ( is a nutritional supplement for men who want to boost their fertility, perform better in bed, improve their sexual health, or experience bigger and more powerful ejaculations.

If you are experiencing fertility issues, weak ejaculations, low libido, or erectile dysfunction, then Semenoll may be the right product for you. Scientists specifically designed this male enhancement supplement to increase semen and sperm volume while improving sexual performance and satisfaction.

The supplement is ideal for men with lower sperm counts or poor semen quality who want larger ejaculations. Additionally, Semenoll increases semen’s ability to nurture and carry sperm to their destination, which is especially helpful for men who have experienced less than satisfactory results from a semen analysis.

Many men have tried combining various supplements that help male fertility, but to no significant effect. Semenoll delivers a more effective, convenient, and cost-effective solution by blending all the positive impacts of individual enhancement pills into one effective formula.

This product uses only safe, all-natural ingredients, making it ideal for men of all lifestyles and fitness levels. By simply taking this one pill as directed for 90 days, you’ll find that your sexual health and function skyrocket.

Continue reading to learn more about how this formula works, how it helps men with reproductive function, and how it may be the one-stop solution you need for all your sexual woes.

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How Semenoll Works

Semenoll’s formula works by using a triple-action effect to:

  • Boost your fertility
  • Increase semen production
  • Support sperm health
  • Enhance sexual performance.

Specifically, it provides sperm protection, fertility enhancement and improved sexual performance.

Protects Sperm Cells

Powerful antioxidants contained in the Semenoll formulation can increase your chances of conceiving by improving sperm quality.

One of the most common factors that contributes to decreased sperm quality is DNA damage caused by oxidative stress. This damage to the sperm’s genetic material results in a decreased sperm count, sperm quality, and semen volume.

Oxidative stress is increased by adhering to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. However, Semenoll protects your sperm by providing your body powerful antioxidants that fight oxidative stress.

Boosts Fertility

Testosterone is essential for optimal fertility and sexual function. Indeed, low testosterone levels have been associated with a diminished sex drive and decreases in sperm count and fertility.

Because Semenoll contains natural testosterone-boosting ingredients, it also enhances fertility and stimulates sperm production.

Enhances Sexual Performance

Because Semenoll increases semen volume, the power and intensity of your orgasms is also increased, leading to greater sexual satisfaction. It also improves blood flow, which has a major positive impact on performance.

Issues with circulation have been associated with sperm abnormalities, and reduced blood flow often contributes to erectile dysfunction. This is why having a constant supply of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to your reproductive system is essential for optimal sexual health.

Additionally, improved blood flow can lead to bigger, stronger erections.


Some of the benefits of Semenoll includes:

  • Supporting male fertility and reproductive functionality using natural components.
  • Promoting sperm health and increasing overall sperm production, resulting in higher-quality sperm cells.
  • Helping men sustain a constant maximized semen volume for ejaculations.
  • Stimulating sexual performance, increasing the pleasure of the experience.

Ingredients: Safe and Science-Backed

Part of what makes Semenoll a leading male supplement is the company’s commitment to using all-natural ingredients to boost sperm production, male sexuality, and stamina. These ingredients are 100% safe, and you can find many of them in the body before taking the supplement.

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Below is a list of the most potent ingredients and how they work to increase male fertility, sexual pleasure, and confidence in the bedroom.

Zinc Oxide

Semenoll utilizes zinc as its primary active ingredient to promote male reproductive and sexual function. As the most abundant nutrient in your sperm, zinc promotes healthy sperm quality. Your body requires zinc and other materials to healthily produce viable sperm cells and synthesize hormones and other essential molecules.

50% of infertile men have zinc deficiencies.(1) According to numerous studies, zinc is the most essential mineral in male sexual health. Men with low zinc levels experience decreased libido, testosterone levels, and sexual function compared to men with normal levels.

Additionally, sperm cells don’t tolerate toxic environments well, and zinc is a powerful antioxidant to keep your sperm safe. Zinc increases your sperm’s chance to survive long enough to fertilize an egg.

Semenoll combines zinc oxide with other natural ingredients to enhance fertility, significantly increase semen volume and sperm motility, and boost sexual performance overall.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Otherwise known as NAC, this antioxidant works wonders for male fertility. This ingredient can increase viable sperm cells and testosterone levels.

NAC is essential for sperm production, protecting sperm throughout their journey and helping them survive.

Maca Root Extract

Semenoll contains a 900mg dose of Maca root extract, more than any other supplement of its kind. This natural extract promotes sexual health, and is rooted in traditional medicine.

Only a few weeks of supplementation with this extract results in considerable increases in sperm concentration, yielding more sperm in every ejaculation.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride

This compound increases blood flow to the genitals and muscles responsible for ejaculation. This leads directly to increased blood circulation, firmer erections, better sexual performance, as well as increased health of the reproductive organs.

Many men who’ve taken L-arginine hydrochloride for extended periods report increased endurance and stamina. This leads to not only stronger erections, but the ability to last longer and keep at it.

In 540 cases of erectile dysfunction studied at Korea University, L-arginine was highly influential in battling erectile dysfunction, increasing sexual desire, and promoting intercourse satisfaction.(2)

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Pumpkin Seed Extract

This unique adaptogen boosts physical, mental, and sexual well-being. Pumpkin seed extract contains its fair share of magnesium, antioxidants, and zinc, all significant components fortifying male sexual performance.

These nutrients keep sperm healthy while increasing sex drive and prostate health.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus is an herb that acts as one of the strongest male hormone boosters. Overall, this extract gives you longer erections and strengthens your sex drive. Using the herb can increase your sperm count, directly related to helping your partner conceive via your sperm.

Like many other natural ingredients on this list, it increases testosterone production and general sexual performance.(3)

Muira Puama

Semenoll uses the Brazillian herb Muira Puama, known for its nerve stimulant properties. It increases sexual performance, erection strength, and libido. The nerve-stimulanting effect it provides allows you to be more responsive to sexual stimuli, making it easier for you to get turned on and feel pleasure.

Muira Puama activates testosterone receptors in the body, increasing testosterone production and making men feel more sexually confident. This ingredient mostly promotes improved erection hardness and duration, helping increase your chances for a positive pregnancy test.

Side Effects

The ingredients used in Semenoll’s formulation are all-natural and safe. Users have not reported any adverse side-effects or reactions when using this product.

However, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, are currently taking medication, or have any concerns, you should always speak to your doctor first before taking any supplement.

How Do I Take Semenoll?

Take three Semenoll capsules daily over a three-month period. The capsules come in premium-looking packaging with 90 pills per bottle.

After 90 days on the product, new, healthier sperm cells have matured. Most users will feel more sexually confident by having an easier time performing in bed and by producing an increased volume of ejaculate.

My Experience After Taking Semenoll

My wife and I tried to have a baby for over 12 months with no success. I found a Semenoll ad while browsing the internet and decided to give it a shot. I was hopeful at first, but was prepared for the possibility that I wouldn’t experience any real benefit. Then I noticed a sharp increase in my sexual functions after only a week.

So far, so good. Gradually, things got even better.

After 90 days, I noticed much more ejaculate, had better orgasms, had increased stamina in bed, and experienced harder erections – what I can only describe as being more sexually healthy. Naturally, any man would enjoy these benefits, as well as their partners.

However, a few months later my wife took a pregnancy test, and finally it was positive! It’s impossible to know for certain, but I don’t believe we would be expecting a baby had I not started taking Semenoll.

Where To Buy Semenoll

Semenoll can be purchased directly from their website, They have several packages with various discounts based on how many bottles you buy.

Shipping is free, and your order is shipped in discreet packaging, so no one but you will know what’s inside. Additionally, your credit or debit card will be billed as “Wolfson Brands Ltd.”, not Semenoll.

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

For those of you on the fence about purchasing Semenoll, one of the most significant advantages is that you can return it for your money back if you’re not happy with the results you get, excluding shipping costs. Honestly, if it weren’t for this I probably wouldn’t have tried it in the first place.

Semenoll Pros and Cons


This supplement offers users a number of benefits, including:

  • Increases sperm count
  • Improves sperm quality
  • Increases semen volume
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Increases fertility
  • Safe and natural Ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee

Part of what makes Semenoll so appealing is its ability to tackle multiple sexual problems at once, allowing users to boost their physical, mental, and sexual lives. Taking Semenoll also has the added benefit of having peace of mind. Stress reduction plays a crucial role in fertility for you and your partner.


  • Relatively expensive – however much cheaper than buying all of the ingredients separately.
  • Results aren’t immediate – especially improvements to sperm quality, as it takes around 90 days for new sperm to fully mature.

Boost Fertility, Revitalize Sexual Function, and Start Family Planning Today

We’ve found Semenoll to improve the sexual health and quality of life for so many men – and their partners. With a solid list of natural ingredients and sizable health benefits, Semenoll is our number one choice for male sexual health supplement.

It helps support your sexual health by boosting testosterone levels, erection strength, and sperm viability. Semenoll is a safe, natural and non-invasive way to increase your chances of  becoming a father, while also improving your performance in the bedroom.

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Benefits of Semenoll

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