Janice Reilly

Janice Reilly is the Deputy Editor of Content at The Sperm Count Report. She has extensive experience as a writer and editor for medical news blogs, where she covered fitness, reproductive health, nutritional supplementation, and similar subjects.

Ejaculatory Ducts: Anatomy, Function and Disorders

The ejaculatory ducts (also called the ductus ejaculatorii), are a pair of hollow tubes in the male anatomy that are located on either side of the prostate gland. Each measures approximately two centimeters in length and is formed when the duct of a seminal vesicle merges with the vas deferens…

3D rendering of the male reproductive system.

The Top 5 Causes For Watery Semen

Semen is normally a thick, whitish liquid, although it can vary in its color and consistency. Having a low sperm count, engaging in frequent sexual activity and having certain health conditions can lead to watery semen…

Splash of water on white background, imitating thin, clear, watery semen.
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